image 1 Singapore: The core financial and commercial hub:CBD

image 2 Shanghai: Pudong Area - view from the Bund

image 3 Korea: Cityscape of Seoul, view from Namsan mountain

image 4 Malaysia: Cityscape of Kuala Lumpur

image 5 Hong Kong: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

image 6 India: The access-time to the Taj Mahar is shortened by high-way

image 7 Myanmar: Historic buildings preserved in Yangon City

image 8 Russia: Khabarovsk City. The progress of far-east development is expected

image 9 Taiwan: Taipei night market crowded every night with tourists and citizens

image 10 China: Tiananmen Square, Beijing is always filled with tourists

image 11 Toyama: Toyama General Manufacturing Trade Fair 2017

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Support Desk for Overseas Market Development
Advisers experienced in international business offer consultations to small and medium-sized companies in Toyama Prefecture.
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Trade and Investment Consulting Services
Professional advisory service on trade, investment, law, etc.
Director FujinoYoshiaki KamataKentaro InadaYutaka MoriokaToshikazu Miyamoto
 F.Fujino  Y.Kamata  K.Inada  Y.Morioka  T.Miyamoto
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Business Support Desks located Overseas
We support business matching with overseas companies, arrangement of delegation etc.
Bangkok desk   Taipei desk
 Bangkok Desk   Taipei Desk
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Chinese Business Consulting Services
by Dalian Office of Toyama Prefectural Government. We support companies in Toyama Prefecture in their business development in China.
●T.Liu (Lawyer)
●H.Hashiguchi (Tax accountant)
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Web Column
overseas business column
Written about Southeast Asian countries by Mr. Kano, former advisor of the Support Desk for Overseas Market Development.
taiwan column
Written by Mr.Hirakawa, Chief of Taipei Business Support Desk, from citizens' perspective.
horizontal line Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair
trade fair 2017   NEAR2015   NEAR2012   NEAR2010
Oct.2017  Apr.2015  Sep.2012  Aug.2010

Area Information


Area map 大連 台北デスク バンコクデスク 多角形

Economic exchange events held in Japan.


Economic exchange events held overseas.


northwest region economic journal
"Northwest Pacific Region Economic Journal"
We provide the latest information of countries in Asia, mainly in Northeast Asia.
Specialists of govermental organizations, companies, business experts etc. of various countries write for our journal.
Subscription Free
Latest issue: Vol.98, March.2018
The Manufacturing Pride of Toyama
"The Manufacturing Pride of Toyama" introduces 49 leading companies in Toyama with excellent manufacturing technologies.
Free of charge
Published Feb.2014

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