Results of the Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair 2015


  April 23 (Thu.) - 25 (Sat.), 2015 (3 Days)


  Toyama Techno Hall, Toyama City Athletics and Culture Center


  A new business world connected at Toyama


  Exhibiting worldwide & domestic manufacturing technologies & products (industrial machines, electronics, electrical machines, IT, plastic, aluminum processing, textiles, medicines, chemicals, etc.) to promote economic exchange, and introducing cutting-edge technology for visitors.


  388 companies or organizations

  (Origin) - Overseas Exhibitors: 162 (from 11 countries/regions)

  China 114, Taiwan 20, Thailand 10, Korea 6, Vietnam 5, Indonesia 2

  - Domestic Exhibitors: 226 (from 18 prefectures)

  Toyama 127, Tokyo 32, Ishikawa 13, Kanagawa 7, Nagano 5, Saitama2, Niigata 2

  Changes in number



  Machine tool, Industrial machine, Automobile part, Precision instrument, IT, Electronics, Electrical machine, Casting,
  Molding, Plastic, Aluminium processing, Textile & fashion, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Trading, Public sector, etc.


  16,419 visitors

Business Meetings

  4,354 meetings (Fair 2012: 1,541 meetings, Fair 2010: 1,025 meetings)

Supports from Organizer

  - Free Interpreters (English, Chinese and Korean) were provided to overseas exhibitors at every two boothes
   for supporting business talks.

  - 96 business meetings were arranged in advance. Participants appreciated having appointments to their
   requesting companies.

Related Events

 (1) Technical Visit
   Industrial tours to leading companies in Toyama were organized to appeal their high-quality products &
   technologies. Total 64 participants (61 from overseas) were saticefied seeing manufacturing sites in their own eyes.
   (Visited: Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Sugino Machine Ltd., Sankyo Tateyama Inc.)

 (2) Investment environment seminar
   Economic movement and Investment environment in 10 countries & regions were introduced. 154 attendees
   in total. Topics about Southeast Asia received good responses.

 (3) Manufacturer presentaition & seminar
   Some exhibitors made presentations about their puroducts & technologies. There were 25 presentations,
   5 overseas speakers & 531 Participants.