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Yoshiaki Kamata

Yoshiaki Kamata
Director General of the Asia
Business Promotion Center

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Asia Business Promotion Center is an arm of Toyama New Industry Organization that works to support the overseas advance of companies in Toyama Prefecture and business matching with overseas companies.
The initiative was launched in 1993 with the aim of promoting economic exchange with countries in Northeast Asia (it was initially launched as Toyama Prefecture’s Northwest Pacific Region Trade Center).
Currently, we provide useful trade and investment services, such as information provision and consulting, geared to supporting Toyama companies as they make advances into Asia and other parts of the world.
We also work closely with overseas companies and agencies and have been involved in staging international trade fairs in the prefecture since 1999.
While liaising and cooperating with Toyama Prefecture and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), we are striving to become a bridge connecting local companies and overseas companies through a variety of initiatives.

History of Asia Business Promotion Center

  • 1993   Toyama Prefecture launches the Northwest Pacific Region Trade Center initiative
  • 1997   Establishment of a trade and investment consultation desk
  • 1999   Holding of the Northeast Asia Economic Exchange Expo (NEAR21)
  • 2004   Incorporated into Toyama New Industry Organization
              renamed as "Northwest Pacific Region Economic Center"
  • 2010   Simultaneous holding of Toyama Techno Fair and NEAR2010
  • 2015   Incorporation of NEAR with Toyama General Manufacturing Industry Trade Fair
  • 2018   Renamed as "Asia Business Promotion Center"

Contact Us

  Toyama New Industry Organization Asia Business Promotion Center
  527 Takata,Toyama, Japan 930-0866
  TEL: +81-76-432-1321   FAX: +81-76-432-1326

Access Map


  • 12 minutes by tram for Toyama University from JR Toyama Station, get off at Toyota Mobility Toyama G Square Gofuku-mae (Gofuku-Suehiro-cho), 10-minute walk
  • 10 minutes by bus for Kosugi-Takaoka from JR Toyama Station, get off at Gofuku-Suehiro-cho bus stop, 10-minute walk
  • 20 minutes by car from Toyama Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 15 minutes by car from Toyama-Nishi Interchange off the Hokuriku Expressway
  • 15 minutes by taxi from Toyama Airport

Toyama New Industry Organization

  Toyama New Industry Organization was established in April 2001 to support industries in Toyama Prefecture efficiently and integrally by merging three official organizations; Toyama Technology Development Organization, Toyama Small and Medium Business Promotion Organization and Toyama Industry Information Center.
  In October 2004, two centers were newly established; Industry Academia and Government Cooperation Promotion Center and Northwest Pacific Region Economic Center, in order to respond to the intensifying global competition between companies and the rapid progress of technological innovation in recent years.
 Now, since April 1, 2018, Toyama New Industry Organization is composed of three centers; Innovation Promotion Center, Small and medium Enterprises Support Center, and Asia Business Promotion Center.
 For more information, please visit the Toyama New Industry Organization website.